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    2021-04-29 16:24:11  來源:中國教育在線


    1. Seldom _______ this road flooded.

    A. have I seen

    B. I have seen

    C. I saw

    D. I had seen

    2. Under his arm _______ a great album.

    A. was he carrying

    B. he was carrying

    C. did he carry

    D. had he carried

    3. ________ I like about her is her liveliness.

    A. That

    B. How

    C. What

    D. Which

    4. I hope she will make _______ progress as you.

    A. as so

    B. as much

    C. much as

    D. so as

    5. If the rain ______, we'll be able to go to the zoo.

    A. stops

    B. stop

    C. will stop

    D. is stopping

    6. Had you worked harder at college, you _______ a better job.

    A. could get

    B. could have got

    C. would get

    D. would have got

    7. She works ______ she were well - trained.

    A. like

    B. likely

    C. as if

    D. seem

    8. ________ I should fail again, I will not give up the experiment.

    A. Even so

    B. Although

    C. Even if

    D. Though

    9. The directors will meet tomorrow, ________ the schedule is changed.

    A. if

    B. but

    C. unless

    D. or

    10. He gave up _______ on medical advice.

    A. smoking

    B. to smoke

    C. smoke

    D. to being smoke








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