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    There are several places in the world that are famous for people who live a very long time.These places are usually in mountainous areas,far away from modern cities.

    Hunza is high in the Himalayan Mountains of Asia.There,many people over one hundred years of age are still in good physical health.Men of ninety are new fathers,and women of fifty still have babies. What are the reasons for their good health? Scientists believe that the people of Hunza have these three benefits:(1) physical work;(2)a healthful environment with clean air and water;(3)a simple diet.

    People in the Caucasus Mountains are also famous for their longevity.In this area,although birth records are not usually available,a woman called Tsurba probably lived until age 160.In general,the people not only live a long time,but they also live well.They are almost never sick,and when they die,they have not only their own teeth but also a full head of hair, and good eyesight.

    Vilcabamba, Ecuador is another area famous for the longevity of its inhabitants.There are few serious diseases there.One reason for the good health of the people might be the clean,beautiful environment:the temperature is about 70°F all year long;the wind always comes from the same direction;and the region is rich in flowers,fruit,vegetables,and wildlife.

    In some ways,the diets of the inhabitants in these three regions are quite different. Hunzukuts eat mainly raw vegetables,fruit and chapattis — a kind of pancake;they eat meat only a few times a year.The Caucasian diet consists mainly of milk,cheese,vegetables,fruit, and meat;most people there drink the local red wine daily.In Vilcabamba,people eat a small amount of meat each week,but the diet consists largely of grain,corn,beans,potatoes,and fruit.

    Apart from calories,natural food,their mountains,and their distance from modern cities,inhabitants in these three regions have other things in common.Because these people live in the countryside and are mostly farmers,their life is physically hard.Thus,they do not need to go to health clubs because they get a lot of exercise in their daily work.In addition,although their life is hard, the people do not seem to have the worries of city people. Their life is quiet. Consequently,some experts believe that physical exercise and freedom from worry might be the two most important secrets of longevity.

    26. Inhabitants in the three mountain areas are described in order to ______.

    A. show their different characters

    B. give different examples of longevity

    C. introduce different parts of the world

    D. illustrate differences among old people

    27. All of the following are the reasons for Hunzukuts’ longevity EXCEPT ______.

    A. Hunzukuts have very nice surroundings

    B. their diet is high in nutrition and fat

    C. they are far away from noisy cities

    D. they are active in physical work

    28. The three peoples can be arranged according to the amounts of meat they eat — from the greatest to the smallest — in the following order:

    A. Hunzukuts, Caucasians, Vilcabambans

    B. Vilcabambans, Hunzukuts, Caucasians

    C. Caucasians, Hunzukuts, Vilcabambans

    D. Caucasians, Vilcabambans, Hunzukuts

    29. Vilcabambans seldom get sick because ______.

    A. they often go to health clubs

    B. they eat a lot of meet every day

    C. they enjoy an agreeable climate

    D. they drink the local red wine daily

    30. According to the passage, the key to longevity is ______.

    A. healthful environment and food source

    B. balanced diet and freedom from worry

    C. physical exercise and calmness of mind

    D. physical exercise and fresh air and water








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