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    2021-04-29 16:20:21  來源:中國教育在線


    1. His visit to London last spring is ______ as a great success.

    A. looked into

    B. looked to

    C. looked over

    D. looked upon

    2. You will complete your project more easily if you take ______ of all the facilities here.

    A. privilege

    B. advantage

    C. chance

    D. care

    3. Seventy guests had been invited to the party, but only fifty ______.

    A. turned around

    B. showed up

    C. turned out

    D. showed off

    4. All we can do is to hope this chemical plant will take ______ to reduce air pollution.

    A. measures

    B. ways

    C. positions

    D. methods

    5. She was just too busy yesterday, ______ she would surely have gone there with you.

    A. however

    B. for

    C. therefore

    D. otherwise

    6. He found it hard to concentrate on his writing ______ so many people around.

    A. when

    B. during

    C. because

    D. with

    7. When she was five, the girl’s father decided to ______ a pianist of her.

    A. develop

    B. build

    C. make

    D. do

    8. ______ automobile pollution, the air quality in this city has become worse.

    A. As a result of

    B. In spite of

    C. But for

    D. As for

    9. Her friends did not expect her to ______ all their suggestions.

    A. turn down

    B. turn over

    C. take off D. take away

    10. The motor isn’t ______ enough to push the car up the hill.

    A. tough

    B. powerful

    C. strong

    D. big








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